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Are you looking to sponsor your child for an Australian child’s visa?

As an Australian parent (citizen or permanent resident) you can sponsor your natural, step or adoptive child. 

Natural Child  

If your child is under 18 generally speaking they are eligible to apply for a child visa so long as the sponsoring parent has the full custody right.  

If your child is over 18 but under 25 they must be full-time study in order to be eligible for a child’s visa. 

If your child is over 25 generally speaking they are not eligible for a child visa unless they are permanently incapacitated.  

Step Child  

Apart from the criteria stated above, an Australian parent can only sponsor their step children if:

  • the Australian parent is no longer in a relation with their non-Australian partner
  • the Australian parent has the full custody right as ordered by the court. 

Adoptive child  

In the context of Australian immigration law, an Australian parent can only sponsor an adoptive child if the child is under 18. 

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