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Are you involved in a genuine relationship with an Australian citizen/permanent resident or an Australian visa holder (i.e. student visa, 485, 489 and 457 visa) or a New Zealand Citizen?

If so then we can help you.

Generally speaking, there are two types of relationship that are recognised by the Department of Immigration in the context of applying for an Australian Partner visa:

Marital relationship: You have married to your Australian partner.

Defacto relationship: You have not married to your Australian partner but your relationship has existed for more than 12 months without permanent separation.

Visa options for partners of an Australian citizen/permanent residents

Subclass 820/801 Partner visa

This visa must be lodged onshore which prevents visa holders who have no further stay (8503) condition from applying. The current processing time in Perth is roughly 13 months.

Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

This visa must be lodged offshore and is designed for applicants who are unable to apply for the normal partner visa due to relationship requirements. Once granted, the visa holder will be given 9 months to travel to Australia and marry to their Australian partner. An onshore partner visa will need to be lodged once the marriage takes place.

 Subclass 309/100 visa

This is the offshore equivalent of 820/801 visa.

Visa options for partners of Australian visa holders (Student, 457, 485, and 489 visa)

Partners of a number of temporary visas holders can be added as the secondary visa holders provided that they meet the relationship criteria.

Visa option for partners of a NZ citizen

Yes you can apply for a NZ family relationship visa if you are in a genuine relationship with a NZ citizen who normally resides in (or relocating to) Australia.

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