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I’d like to study in Australia

In years Australia has been a favourable destination for international students.

At AusYouVisas, we can assist you in:

  • Finding the right course which suits your goal and budget
  • Liaising with local educational providers and obtaining the C.O.E. for you
  • Applying for the appropriate student visa for you.  

I’d like to change to another course/educational provider 

Generally Speaking you are allowed to do this if you have completed minimum 6 months with your current educational provider.

However, depending on the new course you intend to do you might need a different student visa to continue your study.

A classic example is where you have changed your study sectors say from TAFE to University. 

We strongly recommend you seeking professional advice prior to changing courses/educational providers. 

I’ve got some problem with my student visa.

Have you got your student visa application refused by the Immigration Department? or 

Are you subject to student visa cancelling procedures? 

Depending on the reason for the refusal/cancellation, you might wish to:

  1. make an AAT review application and seek to get the negative decision overturned.
  2. disregard the refusal/cancellation decision and apply for a different visa. 

The current processing time on a student visa review application is 12 months.

I’d like to bring my partner/kids to Australia 

Generally speaking, it is possible to include your partner and/or children into your initial visa application or apply for a dependent student visa ata later stage. Please refer to our Partner Visa page for further information.

I’d like to apply for a permanent residency visa since I’ve completed my course(s).

In a nutshell, if your nominated occupation is on the current Medium and Long-term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL) you can consider a Skilled Migration (189, 190 or 489) Visa. For further information please refer to our Skilled Migration Visas Page.  

If your nominated occupation is not on the SOL you can either:

  1. seek for the employer sponsored migration visa pathway; or 
  2. consider a Temporary Graduate (485) Visa .

Require further assistance?

If you prefer to book a private appointment to see our registered migration agent please call us on 0861899070.

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