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 Tourist (600) Visa

Only a small number of nationals are able to apply for one of the electronic tourist visas, i.e. the subclass 601 and 651 visas. For other foreigners who would like to visit Australia, they must apply for a subclass 600 visa. The 600 visa include the tourist stream, business visitor stream and sponsored family stream.

The most frequently asked questions we have dealt with are:

Q: Who can sponsor their relatives for a tourist visa?

A: Only Australian citizens or permanent residents are able to sponsor their relatives for a tourist visa.

Q: I’m an Australian citizen (permanent resident), would I be able to sponsor my girlfriend/boyfriend (Fiance/Fiancee) for a tourist visa?

A: No, you can only sponsor your partner if he/she is your spouse or de-facto partner in the context of Australian Immigration Law (Please click here for further info). Nevertheless, you are able to act as his/her “Host”.

Q: I’m an Australian citizen (permanent resident) or a long term temporary visa holder  (e.g. 457 visa), can I have my girlfriend/boyfriend visit me for 6 to 12 months?

A: In our opinion, a tourist visa is not ideal for a foreigner who wishes to live with their love ones on a long term basis. We recommend that initially a 3-month visa should be sought for by the visa applicant for the purpose of establishing a compliance record. A long period stay may be requested on the second or third occasion.

Q: My tourist visa has been refused by the Immigration Department. Can I re-apply?

A: Yes, but it is recommend that you would address the visa processing officers’ concerns stated in your visa decision record.

Q: My tourist visa has a condition 8503 (no further stay) but can I still apply for any further stay visa while I am in Australia?

A: Please contact us for further information.

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