417 visa faqs

How do i get permission to work beyond 6 months for my employer?

Generally speaking you can only seek for permission to lift the six months work restriction if you are sponsored by the employer (e.g  a 457 visa).

We recommend you seek for expedition of your employer sponsored visa applications from the Department of Immigration. 

NZ citizen faqs

I’m a NZ citizen. How do I obtain my Australian permanent residency?

If you are an eligible New Zealander, you are regarded being equivalent to an Australian permanent resident. 

If you are not an eligible New Zealander, you can seek for skilled migration visas or employer sponsored visas.

I’m a NZ citizen. How do I sponsor my partner?

You have the option to apply for a NZ citizen family relationship visa.

For more information please refer to our partner visas page.  

Partner visa faqs

Can I apply for a partner visa even if I haven’t lived with my Australian partner for at least 12 months?

While we do not recommend this you can nevertheless apply for a partner visa on the basis of a de-facto relationship but without fulfilling the minimum 12 months co-habitation requirement. You must nevertheless be able to show the relationship has existed for at least 12 months. 

Can I apply for a partner visa while I’m onshore?

Generally speaking if do not have a no further stay (8503) condition on your current visa you will be able to lodge an onshore partner visa appellation. 

I’m on a subclass 300 (Prospective Marriage) Visa and my partner has withdrawn sponsorship. What can I do?

Your subclass 300 visa will enable you to remain in Australia until its expiry. You must apply for a different visa if you wish to legally remain in Australia.

You can consider:

Student visa faqs

Can I bring my partner and children to Australia?

Yes, you can bring your spouse or de-facto partner or unmarried children under 18 of age to Australia as dependents. please refer to our partner visas page for more information.

Can I change courses with a different educational provider?

Generally speaking you are allowed to do this after you have completed 6 months study with the first educational provider. 

If you change your study sectors (e.g. from a university to TAFE) you will need to apply for a different student visa. 

However for those who got their student visas thru the Streamlined Student Visa Processing arrangement you might be in breach of your visa condition.